Simple Tips to reduce Sugar in your Daily Diet

How to reduce sugar in daily diet

How to reduce sugar in the daily diet?

If you are thinking to do so, I can help you on this journey to reduce sugar from your daily diet.

Sugar is so commonly used in our daily diet. You cant avoid them. Sugar easily found in carbohydrates, and we Indians eat a lot of carbs. we generally eat triple the amount of recommended carbs for a healthy life. Everyone knows that eating so much of sugar is not good for health. The diseases caused by sugar are mostly for the lifetime, just like diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, cardiac problems etc. Weight gain is the most common result of having so much sugar in your daily diet.

If you are getting so much of acne, then sugar is the only cause. Sugar makes the skin oily, which leads to acne and causes aging very fast.

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I do have sweet tooth, the craving for sugar is so much for me. If someone asks me can you live without sugar?

Now, can say yes…

But before that, I used to say no.

If I can live without sugar by just following certain rules, then why can’t you do that for a healthy life. A healthy life is important for everyone. It’s not so tough, but making some decisions and following them religiously helps to get a better life without any disease.

So let’s start the process of  How to reduce sugar in the daily diet?

The first step – Start preparing your mind

Firstly, it’s so important to prepare yourself for not having sugar.

When for the first time it was so hard to stay away from sugar having a sweet tooth?

But if you start by preparing your mind. And put some hard dedication, then only you can avoid sugar. Sugar is like alcohol, if you don’t get it, you will start craving for it.

If you ask me, does it happen to you……Then the answer is yes.

Self-dedication and motivation is the only key to avoid sugar. If you think, I can do it, then only you can. Otherwise, without any commitment, you won’t be able to help yourself. And will just end it by having sugar and followed by regret.

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People really find it hard to avoid sugar. Because, where you stay and work with people, they all love to have it. So sometimes its very difficult to avoid. But only the self-disciple it the way to avoid you of having the sweet. Always make up your mind for not having sugar. a self-disciple life will only help you from staying away from diabetics. Sugar does not only cause diabetes but also causes weight gain, tooth decay, aging, breakouts on the skin, oily skin.

Second and the most crucial one- Avoid sugar by just saying “NO”

This is the most important rule to follow by just saying ” no” to sugar.

When we are hungry, we just go to the kitchen open the fridge and take out some unhealthy snack for eating. The unhealthy is related to cakes, pastries, namkeen, chips, snacks items.

When you have decided to leave sugar. the first thing to do is cleaning up your fridge, snacks, bottles and even all the unhealthy items you have in your house.

If you think, no I will control myself from having them, trust me guys, you won’t be able to when you are hungry or when you starve for sugar.

Avoid all the sugar-filled drinks, like coke, flavored drinks, and even lassi or sweet juice. Always try to check the bottle label to find the amount of sugar it has. It will help you learn about the quantity of sugar the drinks or food items have.

Replacement of sugar- Always prefer natural sweetener

Yes, natural sweeteners are the best friend when you are on “saying no to sugar”.

These will help you with your sugar craving.

Stevia and honey are the best replacement for sugar. Honey can be used in tea, drinks and even in cakes. It’s the best alternative for sugar and does not have any side effects. Also, honey has lots of additional benefits for weight loss and even in making the skin glow. Stevia is the dry leaf of a plant named stevia. The best part of using stevia is that it is sweeter than sugar. People like me, who always want to have sweet food. They can use it. Another best replacement for sugar is using dates.

Dates are also best for satisfying your sugar craving. You can have dates after having lunch and dinner as a dessert.

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The truth is that natural sweeteners cannot replace the taste of the sugar. But just to make you happy that you have something sweet to eat.

Make a habit to reduce sugar in the daily diet

It’s so important to make a habit for good things like to reduce sugar in your diet.

But habits make you more healthy and get rid of diseases.

As we all know that taking so much sugar can lead to weight gain and even diabetes.

So, it’s important to make it a habit. If you will not eat sugar for more than a month, then you will never love to have more sweet. The craving for sugar will decrease.

As a result, when you will eat a ladoo or a sweet. You will feel as if you have eaten a lot of sweet. So it’s important to have a self-disciples life for a healthy lifestyle.

One more secret, if you are craving for sweet and eagerly want to have anything sweet. You can choose a day a week to have sugar food like ice cream or pastries, but make sure its just once a week and not often.

Don’t try to cheat yourself by just having more sugar on the cheat meal day.

Always try to begin your day, with a cardio exercise. Walking is the best way to start the exercise. As exercise helps to burn the extra calories of your diet. The extra calories that you have gained from any sugar you have in your diet.

By Sajna