Simple Tricks to make your Diet Healthy

Today I will be sharing you some simple tricks to make your daily diet healthy. You must be thinking, how that can even happen. It’s really simple and easy to do so.

A simple change in your cooking style helps you to have a better life for future. Eating unhealthy leads to so many diseases and you may end up with medicines for the lifetime. So it’s better to change small elements in our diet for a smart life.

Just slight changes to be done to your cooking. But your taste bud will be satisfied with this. Let’s start the tips.

Rule no 1: Change your normal cooking oil to Olive oil

Yeah, I know you all must have seen in cooking channels that all chefs use it. The reason behind using  Olive oil is it contains the goodness of monounsaturated fatty acids. This fat is really good for health and heart. As it contains a large number of antioxidants and helps to prevent cancer. And the most important secret of using olive oil is that it helps in weight loss. Olive helps in reducing blood cholesterol as it does not clog the blood vessels.

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In India, olive oil is really expensive. But you can use it wisely because you don’t need to use much of oil and 1 liter of olive oil lasts for a long time. This is the most simple trick to make your diet healthy and have a healthy heart.

Rule no 2: Alternatives for Sugar

Sugar is really bad for our health. The main reason for weight gain is more consumption of sugar. Yes, the more consumption of sugar can lead to weight gain and even diabetes. The best alternative to sugar is honey. I know honey leaves a flavor behind it in everything you include. Another option in place of honey is stevia. Stevia is best as its also natural and more sweater than honey.

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Rule no 3: Replace with Brown rice instead of White rice to make your Diet Healthy

We all love to eat white rice as biryani, rajma chawal, sambar rice and what not. But white rice contains a large number of refined carbohydrates. Brown is the best alternative to white rice. As it does not make any change to your taste bud. And give a lot of fiber to our body. As fiber does not get absorbed in the body, helps in reducing constipation and weight gain.

Rule no 4: Replace all-purpose flour with Wheat, Barley, Sorghum

Ahh, who does not like pizza and sandwich and burger. But this all food items contain all-purpose flour which is also called as maida. Yes, white flour is really bad for health. As it increases glycemic index. So this glycemic index helps the body to release an excess amount of insulin. As a result, it leads to weight gain, diabetes, and indigestion. It does help in raising bad cholesterol in our body.

So replace white flour with wheat flour, barley, sorghum, and ragi. whenever you are using white flour, just replace it with any of the healthy options mentioned above.

Rule no 5: Start drinking juice of vegetables

This may sound really weird. But it’s the best way to include all the nutrients in your diet. As juice is more easy to consume rather than including it in every meal.

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Just one glass of juice is enough for the whole day. I know its not sufficient. But for people who don’t like to eat vegs, for them it is much better an option. The salad is also the good option as it fills the stomach and you do not feel more hungry. So in return, we consume less amount of the main course.

Rule no 6: Don’t forget to include nuts in your diet

Nuts are the pack of good fats. Try to eat at least 5 nuts in a day. This does not mean that 5 types of nuts. Any nut which includes almonds, walnut, and pistachios will do.

Rule no 7: Go for baked food rather than deep fried to make your Diet Healthy

Baked food is healthier than deep fried food. I love to eat samosa and chicken fry. But these types of food are unhealthy for our body. Baked food is not as tastier as fried food. Because baking removes the moisture of the food and cooks it. Where fried food fills that with oil. So as a result, fried food contains more amount of fat. So oily food is tastier to our taste buds.

If you are willing to stay healthy, avoid diseases and hospital bills. Then you should go for baked foods rather than fried. Baked food contains less amount of oil or no oil. This is the best simple trick to make your Diet Healthy.

Rule no 8: Try to include fruits daily at least one

Fruit is so necessary for our daily life. As fruits are high in fiber and water content. If you are craving food in the morning snack or evening snack. Then grab an apple or a banana to kill your hunger. As these fruits contain more nutrients and fibers. And when we are hungry our body absorbs everything forms the food what we eat at that time. So eat healthy food first.

Don’t forget to eat any of the fruits at least once a day. As fruits help the skin glow and make you more healthy.

These are the simple tricks to make your Diet Healthy. So try to change your eating habits and take good food and live healthily. Do follow all the steps. It will help you in a better way.

By Sajna