Now a days a lot of people suffer from heart attack. You may be thinking why is today’s discussion about a heart attack because it’s the healthy heart day. Most of the people are gaining extra weight within a short span of time. The reason behind it is not having a healthy diet and exercise. In most research, it is found that only 20% of people workout daily. Which is overall a very small figure. Workout helps to burn out the extra calories and build muscle, helps in blood circulation and detoxifying the body.

How many of you are having a healthy diet?

If yes then you are doing well for having a healthy life.

If no, then you should follow a healthy diet for a healthy heart.

Indian Diet For Healthy Heart

Eat Green Foods

Another important fact is that the current generation loves to eat non veg than to eat veggies. Researchers consistently show that plant-based diets are good for a healthy heart. A plant-based diet has no cholesterol and more nutrients that promote blood circulation. The more fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds you consume, the better get your heart. As you can get enough fiber, healthy fats, and some anthocyanins.

What recipes are good to have on your diet as Indian food:

  • Start your meals with a bowl of salad
  • Eat sauteed veggies with a bowl of brown rice
  • Try soups
  • include juice of carrot or beetroot or any leafy veggies

Try to use more green fleshy vegetables in your diet or meal. It’s better to have them raw. So that the nutrients value will be maintained. And more chewing helps in better digestion. In winters, a large amount of carrot, peas, cauliflower, cabbage are available in local markets of India. These are the vegetables which can be easily eaten raw or just by making a salad. I know people may feel weird. But trust me dears, once you start eating it you will love it.

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Nibble on Nuts

Nuts have some important factors in our diet. But we never have nuts at least once a day. But the nuts play an important role in diet balance. As nuts are full of fiber, healthy fat and proteins. Yeah people like me like to have Milk Sweets rather than a handful of almonds. Cashew contains a high amount of fat rather than the other nuts. Always eat a handful of almonds or walnut as a healthy snack. These will help to satisfy the sugar craving.

You can have almonds as a morning snack or as an evening snack. If you are not satisfied with the handful of nuts. Then you can add any kind of juice to it to fill the hunger.

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Avoid Refined Sugar

It’s better to avoid sugar from our daily life. This really sounds so hard. Always check the labels of packed food before getting them from the shop. They May contain dextrin, dextrose, corn syrup or maltose. Try to avoid all of them.

Avoid using regular sugar in daily life. The best option as an alternative for sugar is using honey. As its a natural sweetening agent and have no carbohydrates. I personally use stevia sometimes for sweetness.

Plenty Of Proteins

Starting from chicken to organic eggs, fish which are full in proteins. It’s so important to include proteins in our daily diet, plenty of proteins means including the right amount that our needs. Eating too much of proteins can cause weight gain. Its a muscle building food, and if not accompanied by proper muscle building exercises, it can be converted to belly fat.

Start your day with fiber-rich foods

Foods that contain a high amount of fiber that helps to lower the cholesterol. If the cholesterol level is low, then the chances of getting heart attacks are low. Oats, brown rice, quinoa, millets, lentils are full of fiber. Including fiber is our diet is so important like including proteins and nuts. Always try to include fiber, proteins, carbs in a proper amount in each meal. This will help you to have all the goodness for a body with no more extra fat to the belly.

Its necessary to include less fried food and less oil in your diet. Generally prefer to change the eating oil a few times a month. You can include olive oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil, Gingelly oil etc.

Replace junk foods with healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are the best way to get off hunger. Snacks like samosa,namkeens, and potato chips are not the best way to have healthy eating. Because this type of food is mostly deep fried and contains more salt in them. Mostly leading to high blood pressure.

It is very easy to replace them with a healthy diet. The time when we are hungry, our body is craving for food. So it’s the best time to have healthy food like fruits, juices, shakes, or nuts. Walnuts, almond, pistachios are more beneficial to the body. It reduces bad cholesterol and protects the heart.

Try to include antioxidant-rich food

Green tea is the best antioxidant which contains a large amount of EGCG. It helps in weight loss, cutting extra fat.

Fruits are the also the best source of antioxidants which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers cholesterol. At least try to have two fruits in a day. As one in morning snack and other in an evening snack. As fruits help in maintaining the water level in the body. And the most important is, they will not make you feel more hungry. The antioxidants present in the food helps in protecting the body from the heart attack, Alzheimer and some cancers.

Don’t forget to exercise daily

Exercise is really important for a healthy lifestyle. As exercises help to burn the extra calories from our body. Taking part in any physical activities helps to improve mental and physical health. Just try to go for a walk in the morning, it will help you to detoxify. Other than that cycling, swimming or dancing are the best options for burning calories. The more you sweat the more fat you burn.