What Drinks to Consume the First Thing in the Morning for a Nicer Health?

How you start your day has a lot to do with how the rest of it goes. Hence, most people try to give themselves some time the first thing in the morning. Even if you want to take care and improve your health, the morning time would be the great time to do so. You morning rituals have a lot to do with your health and well-being.

What you decide to have the first thing in the morning is going to set your body and stomach for the rest of the day. When what to consume in the morning is so important, why not make it the healthiest option you can think of. Everyone has their own morning ritual according to their body and generally people tend to consume a liquid or beverage the first thing in the morning. Few take coffee or tea which can be really harmful for the health.

Hence, we have brought to you a list of amazing solutions you can make with your everyday ingredients in kitchen. These drinks would help you rejuvenate and strike all the healthy notes right after you get up. So, here we go:

Sprouted Wheat’s Water (Rejuvelac)

Many people would have not heard of Rejuvelac. The first drink of the day is made by soaking the sprouted wheat. Rejuvelac is great for a healthy digestive tract. Did you know sprouted wheat has enzymes that stimulate digestion? To make it taste nicer you can add few drops of lemon to it. In case, you have health issues related to stomach, this is would be the perfect drink for you.

Honey with Warm Water

Raw honey is great for all the fitness freaks. People who want to decrease their weight effectively would start their day with warm water and honey. This drink would ensure to get effective results and reinforces the immunity of your body.

Milk fermented with of Yeast and Bacteria (Kefir)

This healthy drink can be taken with your breakfast and Kefir would serve as a medicine to your digestive system. It safeguards your stomach lining and provides you the right amount of protein. This drink also tastes yummy and can be consumed with your breakfast or without it.

Black Pepper and Warm Lemon Water Drink

It is a given that, lemon water enhances your metabolism and works great for people who are aiming to lose weight. However, pairing black pepper with warm lemon water pushes up the value of the lemon water. Black pepper one of the best antioxidants on the planet and acts as a defense against the dangerous free radicals in our body that stimulate the process of aging.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

It is nice to start your day with fresh fruits and veggies. This first drink of the day can actually even be your whole breakfast. Add various varieties of veggies and fresh fruits and top it with some lemon juice, yoghurt, protein powder, etc. This smoothie satisfies your hunger and thirst. Additionally, can be a great, nourishing and complete breakfast.

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If you are taking caffeine drinks as the first drink of you day, it is high time you stop it and switch to one of the above options.

By Sajna