Ten Ways Lemon Peel Is Good for Your Health

Lemon is a multi-faceted vegetable. There are so many ways lemon is consumed in. It probably one of the most commonly used vegetable across the world. We all consume lemon in so many forms and styles for the benefit of our health and beauty.

There are so many beauty and health home remedies that include lemon in them. It is natural bleach, anti-dandruff agent; weight loss agent, so on and so forth, the benefits of lemon for your body are almost unlimited. However, when we are talking about these benefit the most common form we use lemon is its juice.

The interesting fact that most of didn’t know is that apart from lemon juice, lemon peel is also very good for the health. Yes! You have heard it right! Lemon Peel! Lemon is so good that no part of it goes waste and everything is very beneficial for our health.

Let’s look at ten ways in which lemon peel is good for our body and health. Here we go!

In fact, its yellow skin has higher levels of vitamins and essential nutrients than the juice. If you are aware of fruit peels’ health facts, you would be aware that the peels of vegetables and fruits have higher levels of essential nutrients so you should never throw them and eat them after washing properly.

  • Grate the lemon peels and sprinkle over your smoothies as they are an amazing source of beta carotene, magnesium and calcium.
  • If you suffer from chronic constipation, lemon peel is the best source of dietary fiber, so do try to take lemon peels because it has dietary fiber of 10.6 grams.
  • The bioflavonoids in peel are a great help in decreasing the oxidative stress.Inclusion of lemon peels in your diet decreases the bad cholesterol levels and therefore it is amazing for people suffering from heart ailments.
  • Osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis patients should consume these peels as they have Vitamin C and calcium.
  • Lemon peel is also very good for improving your immunity, hence, you should be including lemon rinds to your diet. This will let you combat a great number of infections.
  • Lemon’s peel has certain elements that assist in eradicating toxic components and therefore it is useful in solving skin issues such as pigmentation, acne, and such others.
  • The pectin in the skin of lemon also ossists in your weight loss.
  • Peels of lemon have elements such as Salvestrol and limonene Q40. These components are great in combating cancer cells.
  • People who have oral, gum or dental problems such as bleeding gums or scurvy should include lemon peel in their diet.Other that these amazing above health benefits, lemon peels are organic and non-toxic way to get rid of pests like moths, flies, ants, wasps, etc.

Looks like with so many benefits, we should be using lemon peels more than its juice.

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By Sajna