Know About Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Most of us wish to look slim, trim and beautiful. Obese and unfit appearances easily put others off. That is why everyone is interested in ways to increase metabolism and lead healthy lives. You do not have to go too far to achieve this goal. There are many foods that you can include in your regular diet to increase your metabolism and these metabolism boosting foods are found readily in the market.

Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Here we have listed some of the common foods that boost metabolism for your knowledge and reference:


When you speak of the best metabolism boosters, you cannot afford to miss broccoli. This vegetable is rich in minerals, vitamins, fibres, proteins and phytonutrients making it an ideal vegetable to include in your daily diet. This vegetable is often suggested by doctors to combat cancer and many metabolic syndromes. This simple means to boost your metabolism and stay healthy must never be ignored.

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While most of us have heard of chillies due to the many adverse effects, it is also a great way to get rid of excess body fat. Chillies are known to increase thermogenesis, accelerate metabolism and ensure greater expenditure of fat that eventually leads to weight loss. It is thus a great idea to include chillies in your regular diet.


Have you ever wondered why garlic is such a common ingredient in foods and cuisines around the globe? Taste could surely be one factor but there is more to it. When you list out foods that increase metabolism, you can never exclude garlic. This bulb is a natural metabolism booster and has multiple health benefits too. A touch of garlic can add a unique flavour to any recipe.


When you are researching ways to boost metabolism, you will come across many articles that suggest you to include cinnamon in your regular diet. This sweet spice is a common spice used in many households. People also prepare sweet treats with cinnamon during Christmas season.


While the presence of caffeine in this beverage makes a big reason to reduce the intake of coffee, the drink does have some benefits when it comes to increasing metabolism. While this beverage is often found listed when you read about how to boost metabolism, do restrict the intake to avoid any adverse effects.

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If you enjoy the unique flavour of mustard sauce or mustard based gravies, here is a reason to rejoice. Mustard is among the foods that boost your metabolism. Next time you prepare your favourite mustard sauce, let there be some healthy reasons to justify your choice.


While lentils appear boring to most people, there is an important reason why it is a part of most staple diets. Lentils are known to aid metabolism. So, if you wish to burn away some of those extra calories, don’t forget to include lentils in your daily diet.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds, commonly referred to as Mehti in India, is also an ideal addition to your diet if you wish to increase the metabolism rate.


While you focus on foods that speed up metabolism, do not forget water. Regular intake of water in the specified quantities are known to have assured benefits. That is the reason most dieticians suggest having ample water.

Green Tea

Along with food to increase metabolism, you must also consider having a few cups of green tea. The beverage has multiple health benefits.

Other Methods to Boost Metabolism

Even when you have the perfect diet that keeps your metabolism at check, there are chances of weight gain. This can be avoided if you include some good habits in your daily regime. Here we have listed out some of these healthy habits for your knowledge.

Include Exercise in Your Daily Regime

No diet can ever replace exercise for staying fit. If you really want to stay healthy and in shape, make it a habit to brisk walk daily. You may include other routine activities like running, swimming and cycling in your daily regime to stay fit and healthy. Daily exercises help to improve digestion and circulation. It also prevents excess fat gain as the fats are burnt during exercise.


The human body behaves irregularly under stress. It is thus vital that one stays away from stress. Learn to take life lightly. The best way to do this is to encounter problems that can be tackled and forget about problems that cannot be resolved. Many doctors suggest Pranayama and Meditation to combat stress. Keep your mind free from stress. Take time to relax and meditate.

Get the Required Amount of Sleep

The human body and mind require a certain amount of sleep. If the required sleep is missed, it may result in hazardous effects on the body and mind. Make it a habit to get the 7-8 hours of sleep without any interruptions. Regular sleep habits have a positive impact on the skin. Proper sleep habits ensure better concentration and healthy memory. Good sleep habits also help to prevent dark circles.

Health is the true wealth. Good eating habits and proper sleep ensure healthy living. If you wish to lead a healthy and happy life, take time to build your health. Eat homemade foods. Strictly avoid unhealthy food habits as listed below:

  • Avoid consumption of aerated drinks
  • Avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol
  • Avoid outside foods
  • Avoid eating unhealthy instant foods
  • Regulate your food habits
  • Regulate your daily exercise regime
  • Sleep the required hours
  • Take time to relax and meditate

If you develop healthy habits at an early age, they will benefit you as you grow old. Take time to relax, eat well and exercise if you wish to stay healthy and wise even in your old-age. Medicines can only prolong your lifespan. If you wish to really live longer, eat healthy and plan a healthy regime for your life before it is too late. Start now so that you lay the foundation for a healthy life ahead.

By Sajna