The Secret Broccoli Health Benefits That You Must Know

Did you ever have vegetable salad, which had a strange greenish-cauliflower-type looking veggie in it? The food item in question has great health benefits, and known as broccoli. It is a cruciferous vegetable rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Nutritionists say that the best way to eat broccoli is to boil it than having the same raw. It makes for antioxidant protection with ability to prevent cardiovascular diseases, ease neural transmissions, and muscle functions.


Not only calcium, but this veggie also contains abundant potassium. Both these minerals are essential for bone health. The innumerable broccoli benefits of skin are proved, as this crunchy vegetable is packed with beta-carotene, allowing your skin to remain glowing and nourishing.

Apart from facilitating stable weight, nutritional value of broccoli fulfills your bodily requirements for nutrients, and help in many other ways as listed below.

Broccoli Health Benefits for Both Men and Women

1. For all those worriesd about excess weight, broccoli is a good source of slimming down. It has glycemic index of 10 that makes it valid form of promoting weight loss and eliminating cellulite.

2. Also, calories in broccoli is pretty low i.e. one-thirty kilo calories in every hundred grams.

3. It does not load your body with cholesterol as well.

4. This food ingredient is a great source of phosphorous (essential for skeletal structure).

5. Dietitians often recommend broccoli for health of women, who are vulnerable to gaining flab after pregnancy.

6. It is complete with vitamin A and C, more than that in cabbage, which may prevent growth of cancer cells.

7. The broccoli health benefits are in plenty. It nurtures you with sodium (promotes normal heart and liver function), and magnesium (controls brain function).

8. The carbohydrates in this vegetable are complex that provide energy than spike insulin levels. Thus, broccoli carbs are beneficial for those who exercise often. You can have a small portion of this vegetable before going for a run or jog.

9. Being a perfect source of vitamin B9, broccoli regulates cell function and stimulates tissue growth in infants.

10. It is noted that protein in broccoli is similar to that in animal meat- three grams of protein in every hundred grams of it.

11. This green-guy on the plate assists in improving guy and eye health. It also has sufficient amount of amino acids such as tryptophan that makes for ‘good’ mood.

Body Feels it Best with Broccoli

This grand veggie-item also has vitamin B6, enabling production of antibodies for apt condition of immune system. Ample amount of fibre in broccoli is another reason you should include this vegetable in your meals. It makes body lose toxins, dead cells and bad cholesterol.

Along with mentioned broccoli benefits, another is that the vegetable is composed of vitamin B1 and B2, which are important for adenosine triphosphate synthesis in reduplication of RNA and DNA molecules, and development of red blood cells, respectively.

Thus, uses of broccoli are numerous and it is one of the best diet foods for you to upkeep a good health!

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By Sajna