10 Benefits of Detox Water for Skin and Health

Detoxification is fast becoming a trend in the fitness industry. Of course, everyone prefers having detox water. People who have incorporated detoxification into their fitness regime are singing all praises about it. Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of detox water and how it can do wonders to your skin and health.

What is detoxification?

So, let’s first understand what detoxification is all about.

Well, detoxification is removing or flushing out toxins and waste from your body. Our body has the natural system of flushing out toxins through liver, urine, sweat, feces and many more. But owing to the tremendous increase in pollution and an increase in toxic and metal waste, our body is not able to flush out this excessive amount of toxins.

And this is the primary reason why detox water is used for the same.

Benefits of Detox Water for Skin and Health

There are multiple benefits of detox water on your skin, health and even on your overall well being.

So it’s important to know how to make simple detox water.

How To Make Detox Water

Detox water is generally made using fresh fruits and lemon. Lemon helps to reduce fat in our body and fruits give a fresh feeling to the drink with a kind of sweet flavor.

During summer, water is really important which makes you hydrated and flushes out all the toxins from your body.

I personally use simple detox water that is by just using lemon, cucumber, and some mint leaves.

Detox water is generally prepared from the night and can be used during the day time. Generally, take a bottle filled with water, then add some slices of cucumber, lemon, and some mint leaves. Keep the bottle in a refrigerator and the next morning the water is ready to use.

You can drink the detox water as a whole or can remove all ingredients and just use the water.

Let’s have a look at what detox water can do for you –

Improves Digestion 

Detox water is essentially made of water and some other easily digestible or light ingredient on your stomach. Water is vital when you talk about proper digestion. Detox water improves digestion to a great extent so that your tummy feels light.

Reduces inflammation 

There are many food products which can make you feel inflamed. Especially food products which are quite rich in oil and spices have that effect on your system. Regular consumption of detox water will make you feel much better in that situation.

Improves skin – Benefits of Detox Water for Skin and Health

Water is said to be your skin’s best friend. When you consume loads of water, then your skin releases all the toxins, and it achieves a glow and shines from within. This is how you can accomplish a glass skin which is the latest trend in the skin care industry.

Helps in weight loss 

Water is said to be extremely beneficial when you are aiming for weight loss. Water ensures that fat gets washed away from your body and you are left with no extra cholesterol. Thus, detox water helps you get rid of belly fat. That’s a tasty way to reduce excess weight from your body.

Improves your liver function

Thanks to all the alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, carbonated beverages and much more which we consume, our liver is really in bad shape. What we need to do here is to detox our liver from all this waste so that it is able to function correctly. And these detox drinks just do the same.

Energy Booster – Benefits of Detox Water for Skin and Health

Detox drinks will make you feel light and on your toes. You won’t feel sleepy and bloated. This will keep you energized throughout the day and thus make you act as well. You can use ingredients like mint, lemon, rosemary which will help to boost your mental alertness. These detox drinks will keep you hydrated also for more extended hours.

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Improves Mood

Studies have pointed out that dehydration alters your mood. And it is responsible for bad moods mostly. There is a decrease of 1% in your mood because of dehydration. That will be taken care of by these detox water. Detox water will help to elevate your mood by keeping you hydrated.

Boosts Immune Function

It is known that fruits and juices help to build your immunity. Fruits have a higher degree of vitamin C in them, and thus it helps to prevent any kind of flu or cold infections. This is the reason detox drinks go a long way in building your immunity.

Hair Growth

Detoxification helps to open up your hair follicles. Nutrient-rich water strengthens your hair cuticles and nourishes the hair from within. Boosted metabolism improves blood circulation in your scalp thereby making your hair grow thick. Your hair becomes shiny and glossy within a brief period.


Our skin begins to age during the early 30s and sometimes even in the late 20s. This is major because of the free radicals which we inhale and intake. Primary signs of aging are sagging skin, wrinkles and loss of glow of radiance from your skin. The nutrient-rich water of detox drinks is essential for improving your skin and adding a glow to your skin.

By Sajna