Homemade Herbal Shampoos for Beautiful Hair

In Modern busy times, it has become very challenging to take care of our hair. Especially with the stress and pollution, we are subjected to every day; our hair is put through a lot of toxic things on a daily basis. Though washing hair on a regular basis is very important, the chemical shampoos available in the market may only cause more damage to our already damaged hair. Hence, it is always best to fall back on natural products when in doubt.

If you can take some time out of your schedule, you can make your own shampoos with natural and herbal ingredients which are rich in antioxidants and don’t have side effects like chemical based shampoos. These are generally the tried and tested beauty tips passed on to us by our ancestors.

Let’s look at few easy herbal shampoos that can be made at home with basic ingredients

Fenugreek Seed Herbal Shampoo


Fenugreek Seeds/Methi Seeds (2 Tablespoons) have Vitamin C, nicotinic acid, lecithin, potassium and iron which are great for hair growth.
Dry Shikakai: (1/2 cup) has astringent properties which are great for cleansing scalp and increasing volume of the hair.
Dry Amla (1/2 cup) Balance oil and pH levels in hair and scalp.
Reetha (10 nuts) Boosts hair growth and softens dry hair.
Water (1.5 liters)


Soak all the mentioned ingredients in the required quantities in water overnight.
The next morning, boiled the soaked mixture on medium flame for approximately for two hours till the color of the mix turns black and texture becomes soapy.
Now, strain the liquid into a container. You can use it on your hair like any other shampoo. However, don’t store it for too long. It is always better to use it fresh within few days.

Hibiscus Shampoo


Hibiscus leaves (15) Promotes hair growth and make hair shiny.
Hibiscus flowers (5 to 6 ordinary red variety): strengthens the hair follicles from the roots and cures scalp itchiness.
Gram flour (1/4 cup) cleanses the scalp and nourishes hair.
Water ( 1 cup)


Boil the above-mentioned number of hibiscus leaves and flowers in water for five minutes.
Let it cool. Blend it into a soft paste.
Now add gram flour to the mixture.
Use this shampoo to wash your hair.

Alternative method

Dry the hibiscus leaves and flowers in sun.
Once they are completely dry, powder them. Add some gram flour to this powder.
You can store this powder and use it like a shampoo to wash your hair.

Gram Flour And Rice Congee


Rice congee (2 cups) conditions hair and prevents hair damage.
Gram flour ( 2 tablespoons)


Rice congee is the excess water drained while cooking rice.
Take this rice congee and mix gram flour to it.
Use this mixture to wash your hair.

Try making these herbal shampoos at home instead of using chemical based readymade shampoos. Most of the ingredients are easily available in the market.

Herbal shampoos cure hair problems internally and give you long lasting healthy hair.

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By Sajna