8 Healthy habits for weight loss

Nowadays, we people want to lose weight just by doing dieting. But I’m really sorry to say, that dieting alone will not help you guys lose weight. Weight loss is not about only having less amount of food. Its actually having the right amount of food that our body needs.

Weight loss does not start by doing dieting only but also adapting to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not that tough to follow as some of you may think. It can be achieved by making some simple changes to our daily life.

Healthy habits for weight loss

Rule 1: Always try to wake up early

Yes, it’s the first key point that really helps for weight loss. Weight loss not only makes you fit but also helps you gain positivity. And the positivity can be gained by the morning sunrise.

In all the religions morning prayer is so important because it does bring a bright side of you. Get up early and feel the fresh air, enjoy the sunrise and inhale the cold air. It’s really mesmerizing to see morning sunrise. Try to do it once, And you can feel the day is so long and fruitful. Of course, everyone loves to do this but it does not happen even though we try a lot.

Nowadays we sleep late browsing our phones. So at least try to avoid phones on the bed. Honestly, streamlining my morning routine was so tough. But slowly try to get up early, no matter how late you go to bed.  Following certain rules before bed will help you get up early.

Things to do for waking up early

  • Try to avoid phone on the bed
  • Set an alarm before going to bed
  • Always make up your mind before sleeping
  • Drink a glass water before sleeping, it will help you to get asleep soon.
  • Try to sleep for 7 hours a day.

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Rule 2: Do Some Exercise

As we all know exercise is really important for a healthy life.  We all know this but don’t do it, we convince our mind to do it from tomorrow. And the tomorrow never comes. Exercise helps in blood circulation and gives you an extra glow. It definitely helps to get rid of the extra fat. More the blood circulation means more the weight loss.

The ideal time to do exercise is in the morning. In moring our body is relaxed and helps to improve mental and physical energy. It helps to enhance the metabolism of the body. Morning workouts help in weight loss and maintain discipline in life. And its really so important to have a healthy life.

Things to do before exercise

  • Get up early in the morning
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Go for a walk or do yoga
  • Do workout for at least 30 minutes
  • Have a perfect healthy breakfast

Evening workouts are even good but they may make you feel more tired. If you create a habit of morning exercise, you feel better the whole day. Finally, you’re sleeping well at night, and your mind is as sharp as ever. It makes you feel more energetic the whole day, enjoying morning sunrise and hearing the birds chirping make you fall in love with nature. It brings more positive energy into your life, making you feel happier.

Rule 3: Take Small Portion Of Food

Always try to take a small portion of food at a time. It helps in weight loss. Weight loss cannot be done by staying hungry. Eating at regular interval with a small portion of food.

Always try to take food on a small plate. So that you can see that you have taken enough food at a time. Try to add leafy vegetables and seed in your diet.

Rule4: Eat At Regular Interval

Eating at regular intervals helps the body to keep less fat. As a result, it helps in weight loss. The amount of food eaten each time must be burned so that you feel hungry.

Weight loss is a slow process and food plays a vital role. This is the best way to lose weight by eating more than 3-4 times a day. It boosts metabolism, controls blood sugar. Just by eating a small amount of food each time when you feel hungry.

Things To Do For Eating At Regular Interval

  • Always take a small amount of food when you feel hungry.
  • Prefer juice and fruits over the main course like rice and curry.
  • Start the meal with salads.
  • There should be 2-3 hours of a gap in every meal.
  • Drink a glass of water before eating.

These small tips help to keep hunger at bay. And it really helps in weight loss. It controls eating excess. Because it takes our mind to know after 20 minutes of eating that it is full.

Rule 5: Try To Include Fruits & Seeds In Your Diet

Fruits contain the goodness of antioxidants and vitamins. The antioxidants limit the production of free radicals which protect the skin and fight off illness. It has a high amount of fiber which helps in lower cholesterol. Its necessary to have fruits like apple, pears, blackberries, oranges in our diet. Banana, you have it all the time. No matter what is the season. It’s available all the time around the clock.

Oranges contain a high amount of Vitamin C which helps to keep teeth and gums healthy. Bananas, guavas, mangos contain a high amount of potassium and folate in it. Potassium helps to maintain the blood pressure and regulate fluid balance in the body. It’s so necessary to have at least 1 fruit a day.

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Rule 6: Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day

Water is so important for weight loss. A normal person should drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. In our daily life, we people just ignore the water intake. It is so necessary for the skin and health to drink enough water. Water makes up for more than half the weight of the human body. It regulates our body temperature and thereby eliminating toxins from our body.

Start the day with drinking at least half liter of water. It will help you to clean your intestines and make feel better. People with constipation should drink enough water to get rid of it.

If you are feeling hungry then start by drinking a glass of water. It helps in weight loss. Always try to drink frequently throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is enough for the whole body. It does remove toxins and gives a bright glow on the face. It helps in reducing acne.

Rule 7: Stay Away From Sweet And Beverages

If you want to lose weight, then its so necessary to stay away from sweets. Sweets contain the extra amount of carbohydrates, increase blood sugar and also fat. The daily sugar habits can result in the gain of extra fat in the tummy area. The fat around tummy is so hard to lose. It really so easy to lose body fat but not tummy fat. So its better to avoid sweets.

Things To Do To Avoid Sugar

  • Honey is the best alternative to sugar.
  • If you are craving sugar, have dates.

Rule 8: Sleep Early

If you get up early, then you must be feeling sleepy at 9 pm. Yes, I’m not kidding. Getting up early morning and doing some exercise, and not taking a nap in the whole will make you feel sleepy early.

Always try to go to bed as early as you can. It helps to get up early in the morning.

Things To Do Before Sleeping

  • Always try to avoid phone on the bed
  • Have dinner before 2 hours of sleep
  • Make your bedroom smell good so that it makes you feel good
  • Drink a glass of water before sleeping

Weight loss is a slow process. Do follow this basic healthy lifestyle tips. Trust me guys you can see the amazing result within a week. Choosing a healthy life is so difficult nowadays. But no worries I will be sharing with you the healthy lifestyle and weight loss related articles on my blog. So stay tuned.

Just be yourself!

By Sajna