4 Jogging Tips for Beginners

When you decide to begin jogging you have got lots of questions on your mind. How do I begin jogging? What should I sport? Is it okay if I walk seldom?

In this article I will give you with an overview of some important beginner jogging tips

  •  It is never too late to start jogging. It does not matter how old you are, exercise is good for you. It has been proven in many scientific studies that regular exercise provides you with lots of benefits such as more energy, less possibility of getting cancer & heart disease, improved sleeping patterns & this list is never ending.
  • Start with a jog / walk program Always beginning joggers to start with a jogging program that consists of both jogging & walking. As a beginner you’ll, firstly, not be able to jog far. And if you did you would expose yourself to a high risk of jogging injuries & health problems. You need to really start slowly & build up that stamina & those jogging muscles. You can make fantastic progress in a short amount of time & the chances that you will actually enjoy the jogging & keep on doing it are much higher.
  • Keep a jogging log A jogging log you put the basic information about the exercise you have done. So how far did you jog, how long did it take, what type of jogging did you do (e.g. jog/walk, easy jog, interval), etc. You could also enter additional information like your average heart rate during the jog, how you felt, what the weather was, etc.
  • You keep a jogging log for a few good reasons. One of those is that it absolutely provides extra inspiration when you observe your mileage increase week by week. One more is that it provides an option to look back later & find out why a certain race did not go as planned, why you got injured etc. A log is a valuable tool for beginning & more experienced joggers.
  •  Tangible Goals Start jogging with a goal in mind. This could be weight-loss related or performance related. For example, set yourself a goal of jogging 30 minutes non-stop in twelve weeks time or losing 5 Kg in 3 months. If you don’t have concrete reasons or goals to keep jogging, it will be tough to keep on going when the going gets hard & the initial eagerness starts to fade.

Just imagine if you could jog 10 miles easily, then how fast would you be able to do a one-miler?
There is nothing as important as easy jogging.

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By Sajna