4 Jogging Tips for Beginners

Using a scale to measure your weight doesn’t indicate that you are overweight or healthy. The important thing is that the internal composition of your body tissues. Excessive fat is no doubt a real problem that can bring in the health risks such as blood pressure and diabetes. Problem of the overweight people is that they think that a smaller number in the scale reading only means that they are healthy but that’s not true.

They have to know the fact that it’s basically an imbalance between the calories intake and the same burned through the physical activities. For example if you take 2000 calories daily and burning only 1800, than those 200 will tend to make you overweight in certain period of time. This is because that surplus will be in your body, this form of fat that will make you look fat.

Now you have understood the cause of the problem and the obvious solution is to exercise to burn those extra calories. You should have to go slowly and steadily because if you go with fast pace you will get bored. If you do so then you will probably not work out after sometime.

That’s why you must have a systematic and regular exercise plan. If you try to lose say, 15 pounds in around 10 days time by vigorous exercise than you will exhaust yourself very early and may also hurt yourself because doing so much exercise in too short period strains the body. The other fact is that you will surely gain more weight in next 10 days because the body will need more energy after a vigorous work out and you will eat more than usual. Ultimately you will get more overweight than now.

Here’s comes the benefits of running jogging. This exercise is of slow and steady type. This helps in work out of all your body muscles, hence a total body workout. You may have read articles on the benefits of running either on net or in the books. This is the oldest form of exercise which is still in fashion. You must be patient in getting the result from this. As stated earlier it is a slow and steady type. There are also mental benefits of running. As it involves a lot of oxygen, it refreshes the mind and brain and the person feels mentally relax. So go and try it out and see your problem fading out.

By Sajna