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Aerobics exercises are the best when you want to your heart rate to increase. In fact definition of aerobic is this only. Any exercise that can augment your heart rate for at least 15 minutes is considered as cardiovascular exercise. Here are some of them which you can follow:

Walking  It is the foremost and the simplest form that you can start with. It is the greatest choice if you are a beginner. It also acts as a warm up exercise in the entire fitness regime. If you are not working out for a quite long time, than walking will help you to get back on track. It helps to burn calories that will provide you energy for the more intense workout. Also it will bring you in mood of work out.

Running or Jogging  The best exercise that is considered in aerobic activities is running or jogging. It is a great exercise for the people who love to have fresh air during the work out. Jogging is a must for the athletes as a part of their fitness regime. Jogging is considered s the best work out by people that should be done regularly to keep body fit. If you have not enough time or stamina to do the intense exercises, than jogging is the best option for you. On the contrary running is best suited for fat burning. But you must consult your physician before going for any of these because excessive of these can bring in complications.

Cycling  It is one of the most fascinating exercises. Cycles are used a transport also and the fun of riding a bi cycle at country side is just amazing, cycling has all its benefits from burning calories to getting in shape. You can have stationary cycling equipments in the gym but fun of real cycling is totally different. Outdoor activities are much more fascinating because of the adventure involved.

Machines  there are lot of people who are unable to go for a walk or for jogging because of their tight working schedule. For them the machines are a good option. Either they are at gym or at home. Treadmills, elliptical machines are some examples. You can work out on these machines to have the same effect of aerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercises are fun to o but try to add some weight training to it to have your interest in the work out. Otherwise you will get bored and will eventually stop exercising.

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By Sajna