Water Aerobics – Fun with Work Out

Aqua or water aerobics is done in both deep and chest-deep water. When doing in deep water, it is very important to have floating devices. A normal session of workout  for forty to forty five minutes. There are different routines for water aerobics during a session. These are

  1. Stretching
  2. Warm-up
  3. Cool-down

Some of the training programs in aqua aerobics include the strength and toning exercises in addition to the aerobic ones. This type of activity increases the cardiovascular training and because the resistance is involved it also increases flexibility and stamina. It will eventually lead to muscular balance.

There are some limitations or hindrances which you have to overcome to practice the water aerobics

  1. As it is related to water, you need access to swimming pool which may cost you a membership which may be costly.
  2. This form of exercise is relatively safe in terms of injuries but a little less effective as compared to other form of exercises
  3. It is somewhat a restricted type as compare to land exercises. Although you spent more energy in a movement due to water resistance but the variety in movements is restricted.

Now the benefits you got from doing the water aerobics

  1. Water resistance that helps to spent more energy.
  2. Less prone to injury as it is easy on muscles.
  3. No sweating during the exercise
  4. Tones the muscles
  5. Increases flexibility and endurance

This type of exercise is beneficial for mainly the old age persons or the one who are suffering from problems of joint pain or arthritis. Because the movements in this, are relatively slower as compared to the other aerobics exercises. This is also beneficial for the persons who are recovering from the soft tissue injuries. Obesity or for the ladies who are pregnant. One more advantage is that, you don’t need to find a group to join this activity. Just follow instructions for water aerobics and enjoy.

Now is what exercises you can do. Here’s a list

  1. Move your legs up and down in water by holding a floating device.
  2. Run to and fro in water and then do some side steps.
  3. Kick to and fro
  4. Move arms in water in circular motion

Doing these exercises need some precautions which are very general but very helpful. Don’t rush for any exercise. Do it in proper manner and devote some time to learn the proper form.

By Sajna