Yoga Chakras - Energy Volcanoes of Human Body

Yoga is something that has created a lot of news in the west in the recent past. And it all started with a celebrity who gave the credit of her new astonishing looks to the Yoga Chakras- The Energy Volcanoes of Human Body yoga, when asked by a reporter. Do begin with; Yoga is the old Indian traditional art that have been exercised since many ages but lost its importance in midst because Indian wants to get westernized and just lost their roots & now it’s back in India via west. After all gold is gold either it’s in the jewelers shop or in the mud.

According to Indian literature our body is made up of panchtatwa (5 elements), and there are different parts in our body which are attached to these 5 elements. And these 5 elements or energies work in co-ordination with each other. Any health problem is because of misbalance between these elements. And there are centers of these energies in our body along with that of intelligence and others called the chakras. There are in total seven chakras which are parallel to spine.

Yoga positions (asana) are the different posture of body that helps to flush toxic out of your body and rejuvenate your body and helps you to connect to yourself (yours inner soul).

Yoga is complicated yet simple. First of all you have to energize your chakras by exercising different postures specific for a particular chakra. These are

  1. Muladhara means root and the element is earth. It is located at the base of spine. You have to exercise Setu bandhasana (bridge) for this.
  2. Svadhisthana means sweetness and the element is water. It is located at the areas of genitals and womb. You have to exercise Bhujangasana (cobra) for this.
  3. Manipura means lustrous gem and the element is fire. It is located at the areas of navel. You have to exercise Dhanaurasana (bow) for this.
  4. Anahata its function is love and the element is air. It is located in the heart. You have to exercise Ushtrasana (camel) for this.
  5. Visuddha means purification and the element is sound. It is located in the area of throat. You have to exercise Matsyasana (fish) for this.
  6. Ajna means to know and the element is light. It is located in the head. You have to exercise Seated yoga mudra for this.
  7. Sahasrara means thousand fold and the element is thought. It is located just above the top of head. You have to exercise Meditation for this.

As health benefits of yoga are endless thus this will be yours first step towards the healthy and immortal life.

By Sajna