Yoga – Bridge Between Us and Our Inner Soul

Yoga -The Bridge between Us and Our Inner Soul

In today’s scenario why do you think so many people are adopting yoga irrespective of the fact that it is aliased with the metaphysical and religious aspect? The answer is Yoga -The Bridge between Us and Our Inner Soul. The outcome ones get after regular yoga in terms of mind and body soundness. This is form is practiced from thousands of years in the eastern countries and especially in the India where it is the most loved form of exercise to release oneself from the daily pressures of life.

So what yoga is all about? It is basically a system of techniques and disciplines that takes the practitioner to end goal of complete mind and body soundness. The system may vary because of different forms of yoga but the end result is the same.

Now that seems to be a big ask to you but even a step towards the ultimate goal starts showing you the changes in your daily life in form of better concentration, better posture, and above all better health. Yoga is the techniques which unites you with your soul.

Amongst the many forms of yoga the constant part is the postures which help you to make your body more balanced. For example when your vehicles start giving you problem, you just go to the mechanic and says service the vehicle. Similar is the case with our body. It’s also a combination of different system running in tandem, and those systems also need servicing. Yoga is the way by which you can create body awareness among yourself. And if you take care of your vehicle (body) daily, then you don’t need to go to the mechanic (doctor) or any reason. In that case even a minute change in behavior of body will be noticed by you.

Actually our body gives us messages in form of symptoms of an under lying problem, but we are so busy in ourselves that we just ignore it and move forward. Yoga is something that connects to your body, so that you can take care of it.

Asans are the postures of body that helps to relax and refresh. Many of the forms are developed from the characteristic postures of animals, reptiles, insects, etc. keep some tips in mind before doing yoga:

1. Do it after 2 or 3 hours of meal

2. Wear loose clothes

3. Empty the bladder

4. Do it on a hard plain surface

5. Opt for a place that has proper ventilation

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By Sajna