sweet Potato - A boon for health

Sometimes we tend to ignore the importance of things which are right around us. Sweet potato is a very commonly consumed vegetable in all our homes. Sweet potato is used in many recipes and in many ways. However, most of us are not aware of the health benefits of sweet potato. Few of us even avoid sweet potato as it a root starchy vegetable.

If consumed properly, sweet potato can prove to be the ultimate capsule for good health.

Here are few benefits of consuming sweet potato on a regular basis

Keeps your heart healthy

Sweet potato is a bundle of vital vitamins. It contains high levels of Vitamin B6 which is helpful in decreasing chemical homocysteine in your system. Homocysteine is proved to be one of the causes of heart attacks and other degenerative diseases.

Sweet potatoes also contain potassium which plays a crucial role in regulating the beating of the heart and signaling of nerves. Other than helping in the functioning of the heart, potassium is also important for decreasing swelling, regulating kidney functions and soothing muscle contractions.

Contains anti-aging properties

sweet potato is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C generates collagen in your body which keeps the elasticity of the skin intact, which in turn will help your skin look youthful. Apart from this, vitamin C in sweet potato also helps in keeping cold and flu at bay. It also strengthens bones and tooth formation.

Vitamin A is helpful in keeping skin healthy and youthful too. Additionally, it improves eyesight and immunity of your body.

Controls stress

Stress is the root cause of more than half of the health issues in the modern lifestyle. Sweet potato has adequate levels of magnesium which is also known as an anti-stress mineral. You can prevent many health problems by controlling your stress levels.

Prevents and fights cancer

Various studies proved that the antioxidants which are present in sweet potatoes are very vital in preventing cancer. In fact, the carotenoids in sweet potato help cancer affected patients in reducing the risk. It also prevents recurrence of cancer in cancer cured patients.

Regulates Blood sugar levels

Many diabetic patients avoid eating sweet potatoes. This is due to a misconception that they are sweet and so on bad for sugar levels. However, many of us are unaware that sweet potato creates balance in the release of natural sugars into your bloodstream.

Develops complete body immunity

Iron is an essential mineral that our bodies need. It is directly linked to the immunity levels of the body. Sweet potatoes have a good amount of iron which helps in generating red and white blood cells. It boosts the immunity of the body and also helps control stress.

You can experience all these health benefits by consuming sweet potato at least once a week in a healthy form. Sweet potato can be made in many varieties. Next time you go vegetable shopping, do remember to pick up few sweet potatoes.

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By Sajna