What Are Hypertrophic Scars And The 5 Possible Treatments Available For Them?

Looking at the scars on your body, you might wonder why and how scars appear. The answer is quite simple. When you suffer an injury or wound, the body starts its own healing mechanism by releasing fibroblasts and skin cells. When they are produced at a normal rate, the healing occurs leaving a small scar which gradually fades off. But, if the production is off the rate, a dense cluster hindering the movement of skin cells is formed by fibroblasts. This leads to the formation of raised scars because of over- production of collagen. This is called hypertrophic scarring which remain confined to the original site of the wound. There are various techniques available to get rid of them.

Some of the commonly used hypertrophic scar treatments are

Needling scar treatment

The cheapest treatment available for removing scars is needling. The best part of this treatment is that it can be done at home by using special needles under sterile, hygienic environment. The scarred tissue is needled continuously to induce the formation of collagen in that area. When doing it for the first, medical assistance should be given a consideration while needling the face where nerves are located.

Steroid injections

The most commonly used method in the treatment of hypertrophic scars is steroid injection. Steroids are injected directly into the scar on a monthly basis until the scar is flattened. Steroids cause thinning of tissues and can be risky if the scar to be treated is ruptured or not completely closed from the inside.

Silicone scar treatment

The procedure that can erase most of the scars on your face is silicone treatment. This method is normally used by plastic surgeons. Silicone gel sheets moisturize the scar and decolorize it so as to match the skin complexion. It has a low risk of any kind of side effects or damage to the skin tissue.

Collagen injections

If your scars are not growing out of the skin and are rather sinking in, collagen injections are something you can opt for. Collagen is injected into the sunken scars which make them rise to the same level as the normal skin. The effect of these injections die off after some time, therefore repeated treatments are required.


Radiotherapy can be considered in extreme cases of scarring, though it is usually not preferred as there are chances of opening of new wounds, surgical scars and other long term side effects.

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