Celebrating Anniversary In a special manner

Celebrating Anniversary In a special manner

A wedding day is the most beautiful moment in everybody’s life. It’s the time when both the hearts promise to keep a healthy relationship with their partner the whole life. It’s such a sacred promise that you don’t ever want to break it. We always try to keep the promise and have a happy life.

The year passes by and we never forget the day we promised each other and love to celebrate it in a grand manner as our anniversary. Each one of us tied in a promising love to celebrate it so that both the hearts feel the love which they had during the wedding day.

Everyone wants to celebrate their anniversary in a grand manner. Though sometimes we don’t get a chance to celebrate it like we wished. It doesn’t matter whether it is celebrated in a grand manner or not. It’s important if you are happy enjoying each moment of that day spending your quality time with each other.

True love is one spending a day getting married, and the rest of your life feeling glad you did.

Tips and tricks to Celebrate your Wedding anniversary

  1. Start planning your day: Take a planner, note down what to do on that day. Start planning from morning till night. This will help you to get prepared for the special day and nothing will be messed up on that day.
  2. Decorate your bedroom: Decorate your room with all the old photographs and make a memory lane. Its just awesome and gives a lovely feeling when you enter the room with your love.
  3. Have a good dining: Ahh! the party is incomplete with a good dining.Definitely, go to a good hotel or restaurant for dinner or for brunch. Your wife may definitely love it or order her favorite dish and make her feel special.
  4. Prepare gifts for each other as a surprise: Prepare some special gifts for him/ her, make your gift a surprise. Make your gift simple by just writing a sweet letter for him/her with your feeling scripted with pen and your love.
  5. Make a video of your old pics and show them: Make a CD of all your spouse’s favorite songs or make a collection of photographs that have to mean in your relationship. Go somewhere special to relax and listen. Dont forget to share each others favorite songs. Then, stay home and dance!
  6. Decorate a room to celebrate: If you are celebrating your anniversary at home then definitely decorate your room for the cake cutting ceremony.
  7. Prepare each other’s favorite food: Do prepare food for your spouse and make them feel special. This will help you to spend some quality time with your loved one and make them feel complete having you.
  8. Share a quality time:  Avoid the crowds, the expense of movie tickets, and high priced popcorn and plan a movie night at home. Choose one or two of your favorite movies from amazon prime. You can even watch any animation movie and share some special moments with each other.
  9. Plan to go for a long drive: Take your car or a bike go for a long drive during the evening time.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you love reading my ideas. If you have some better ideas do comment me below so that others can be helpful.

By Sajna