Beauty Hacks For Travellers


today’s post is all about beauty during travel.

This can be especially tricky because, due to lack of space, you can’t take every single beauty product with you. So if you are planning a vacation or maybe taking a weekend road trip, keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the road. They will help your skin and hair stay in better shape, plus they should make you feel better during your travel.

I do like to keep my hair and makeup look fresh and intact during a long trip, but it’s not so easy. I just end up with oily skin, my face starts to look cakey, smudged eye makeup, and makes my skin sticky. And my hair…oohs it tends to look like I have gone crazy. I know everybody feels that sitting motionless for so long could put such a damper on your look.


Everyone wants to arrive at their destination feeling like a celebrity, just everything perfect. I will share with you a few travel beauty tips that’ll change your life on your next vacation.

 Ziplock bags are your best friends Start with a bag having zip on it, it’s your best friend during travel time. I love to carry everything in my bag, it’s just a small store for me. From hair accessories, like bobby pins and hair bands to my beauty products and of course my small wallet. Everyone wants to have their favorite products in their bag so that they can use it anytime they love. Not only your beauty or hair accessories but also lots of stuff like allergic medicine or chocolates, some snacks.

oh, I am making your bag a bit heavier but just better to carry everything. If you are going to an unknown place.

Ziplock bags help things to stay together and safe. Try for tote handbags. They are large enough to carry all most everything.  It’s actually a faux leather material with an orche color tote bag. Try this handbag, you will surely love it.

Let’s come to most products that to be carried in your bag.

Hand sanitizer Always carry a hand sanitizer in your handbag. You will definitely need it anytime on your journey. It’s alternative to washing the hands with soap. As this method is so quick and refreshing. Hand sanitizer or hand antiseptic comes in a gel, foam or liquid solutions.

Keep yourself hydrated During traveling, you just forget yourself, enjoying nature, your trip, and everything. It’s important to keep your body and skin hydrated because of the air change, making you feel very dry. I personally have that feeling after you reach your destination, you will have flaky skin and a tired and dull complexation.

Drink plenty of water……keep yourself hydrated.

Moisturize your skin Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Prepare your skin to get exposed to a different environment. Moisturizer helps to keep your skin hydrated. Try to carry your favorite moisturizer always. Never ever dare to forget your moisturizer.i love to have my favorite moisturizer during traveling.

Hydrating Mist Do carry a hydrating mist, just to refresh your self where ever you like. It just helps to lock in moisture in the skin. The fragrance of the mist is the most important thing which makes it to have it with you.

Makeup Try to carry minimal makeup products during holidays. Make a different small pouch for makeup with the essential. Try to carry sunscreen with a bb cream or a cc cream and some lipgloss with lipstick and also kohl. You can use kohl for both as a liner and also kajal. Don’t forget to carry oil absorbing face powder. I think this much is enough for holidays. We are not going for a fashion week, why just extra makeup.

Try to minimize your makeup and make your skin feel the nature.

Hair Spray During holidays we are in hurry, no time to wash our hair. Of course, we don’t like to wash our hair. Have moisturizing lock spray, If you have dry hair. Always carry a hairspray volumizer to give instant volume to your hair. You can also have dry shampoo, that also is the best option to get rid of oily hair.

Eye cream An eye cream is a must for people who are having dark circles and puffy eyes. During travelling we are exposed to the sun, it’s better to take care of your thin skin under your eyes. I know everyone carries there sunglasses with them. But an eye cream supports and protects the skin as a natural barrier.

Take care of your skin and have a happy holiday.

If you have some better ideas and experiences then do share with me….

By Sajna