Acne Issue? Avoid These Foods Like A Plague

Most of us have to face the issue of acne at some or other point of time in our lives. If you had it or have it, you would know it not one of those easy skin issues to treat. Acne itself is a very annoying thing, but the dark spots and marks it leaves behind are worse and takes ages to disappear.

There an array of cosmetics, skin treatments, creams, and syrups that claims to be curing acne and dark spots issues. However, as someone a while back wisely said “prevention is better than cure”. It is always easy to prevent the issue or curbing it from growing than trying to cure it after it has already affected. Hence, it is best to avoid foods that can cause or aggravate the problem of acne.

Here are few health tips for you to avoid acne

Cow Milk

According to a study in 2010, there is a connection between cow milk and acne. Though these studies couldn’t point out the exact cause of this, scientists claim that cow milk gives a boost to the blood sugar in the body which in turn spikes the inflammation which again in turn increases the chance of your skin breaking out. Cow milk also pushes up the level of insulin which results in excessive oil production in skin cells. Cow milk also causes increase in hormones which helps skin cells overgrow triggering pore blocks in the skin. Hence, if you are prone to acne it is best you avoid cow milk in order to prevent it.


Are you one a sweet tooth? Then your excessive consumption of sugar could be a reason for your acne issues. This doesn’t mean you should completely cut of your sugar intake. You just need to keep in your sugar consumption in check and make sure you are eating too many unhealthy desserts and foods. Increased blood sugar levels in your body increase the oil secretion in your skin cells which in turn leads to acne issues.

High-glycemic foods

Foods which are high-glycemic are like white rice, white bread, pretzels, potato chips, processed breakfast cereals, cookies and cakes, etc. Again high-glycemic foods boost the blood sugar levels. This causes inflammation and fluctuations in the hormones which could be a reason for your skin breaking out. Hence, try to maintain a balance by consuming low-glycemic index foods like whole grains, vegetable, sweet potatoes and fruits.

Fast Food

Fast foods that are greasy increase the inflammation in the body. Fast foods not only encourage acne but they also are the reason for childhood asthma. If you still end up eating fast food, do make sure you balance it by adding healthy foods like yogurt or a salad to your diet.

Junk Food

It is no secret that eating junk food causes all kinds of skin, hair and health problems. Hence, if you are prone to acne, rethink before you indulge in junk food.

For a happy and healthy skin avoid these foods and replace them with healthier options.

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By Sajna