Yoga – A Hope to Health Revolution

Yoga undoubtedly is becoming the most popular means towards healthy living these days. Yoga is helping millions of people to be in shape and advancing them towards a better and healthy lifestyle. Practicing yogic asana and pranayamas is helping people to cope with their chronic ailments and helping them fight the stress.

Revolutionary changes happened all these years, but the only thing that did not change is the nature of the ailments that have afflicted people for ages. But the only gift that these hectic work schedules have brought with them to the lives of people in modern times is stress. The number of people detected with the stress related disorders is rising like never before.

The Yogic Sciences find their origin in the Indian historic work- Patanjali Yoga. But due to mindless steps of westernization methods followed by the Indian people, they took themselves away from their roots. And we must self pity ourselves that today those people from the west are coming to India and bringing back the blessings of our rich culture back into the fashion. The saddest thing is that we have forgotten our own culture.

Yogic exercises are majorly divided into asanas and pranayamas. Asanas are the activities which involve various postures to exercise different body parts. Pranayamas mean aayam (control) of pran (breath). They are the activities to control the pace of your breath and hence normalizing the flow of blood to each and every organ of the body.

How yoga works to keep the body healthy and cure all kinds of ailments, was till now known only through the means of what was written in rich historic texts. But off lately, there are many medical researches being conducted by highly qualified medical practitioners over how the asana and pranayamas work in normalizing bodily functions and ailing even the deadliest of diseases like cancer. The results of such research works is that many doctors have started prescribing regular practice of yoga as a part of the prescription along with the medicines.

The credit of bringing about this revolutionary awareness about the benefits of yoga goes to Baba Ramdev. He is not a qualified medical practitioner, but he has influenced the masses by organizing various shivirs and camps across the country and even abroad and teaching them yoga. The testimonials by the common people who received benefits have proved the credibility of not only the Yoga but also brought fame for Baba Ramdev.

Today people have become conscious more than ever to stay fit by practicing Yoga daily and also helping others do the same. Hope this change serves as a foundation step towards the Health Revolution in India (Oops I think I must say ” WORLD).

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By Sajna