What Is Aerobics? – A Sneak Peak

In today’s hectic lifestyle workout routine have become must to release ourselves from the work pressure. To maintain fitness and good health this has become a necessity. Aerobic is the one form of exercise which not only makes us healthy but also improves our metabolism and the energy level. These are light yet powerful exercises which helps you to maintain your fitness.

Definition of Aerobic Aerobic means in presence of oxygen. These exercises are light as the intensity of exercise is low but powerful because they use oxygen. Basically these exercises are done at a moderate rate so that the cardio respiratory system can replenish the oxygen used up in the working muscles. In this way the body works to use and replenish the oxygen. But in the anaerobic oxygen is not used after an extent and you feel tired and have to rest to gain your stamina back. These are mainly high intensity exercises.

Here are some points which may be helpful for you to understand the benefits and limitations of aerobics.

Need plenty of Oxygen As already said it is based on oxygen, so you need a place where there is plenty of that and is free from any pollutant. In this form of exercise oxygen helps to improve metabolism rate this also makes heart and lungs strong as you have to absorb a lot more oxygen then in general breathing. This makes air to flush the toxic material out of body s you have to inhale and exhale air many a times.

Helps to Lose Weight This is a wonderful tool to lose weight. As you absorb more oxygen as a result you burn more calories because oxygen is needed to burn the calories the overweight people must try this first instead of trying other form.

Benefits of Aerobic Training Every person knows how important oxygen is in our life. So if you have plenty of it you will feel fresh and rejuvenate. This will helps in proper functioning of body parts and also increases metabolism. Reducing weight is much easier by aerobics than any other form of exercises.

Disadvantages of Aerobic Training As it helps in burning fat, so in longer run it decreases muscle fat and person feels tired. Also it decreases strength if done regularly for a longer period of time.

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By Sajna