Running & Jogging- tough but good for health

You will never run out of health if you are engaged in running and jogging. Benefits of running & jogging are numerous if you exercise them regularly and in a definite proportion. As its build your stamina and make your heart strong because in running excessive pumping of blood is required which eventually makes heart strong. It makes bones and muscles strong because they have tendency of become weak if not used or we can say exercised. It is also an anti-aging exercise. Thus follow it to stay young.

Knowing the benefits of running and jogging you must be pondering to include it in your daily routine. But unlike many articles on the benefits of running here I am exposing some of the facts which you must have notion about. Unlike other forms of exercises it is a bit demanding. It requires more effort and dedication from your side and because of this most of the people leave this in midst after trying it for a week or so. But that is the big mistake because at the end this exercise will give you more than the hard work you had putting in.

This form of exercise is seldom associated with weight lose, but the results are not immediate. The truth is that to lose weight the body must be adapted to the physical activities. One has to consider the fact before doing anything of this purpose of losing weight. If you doesn’t take care your breathe will tend to get hard and other psychological effects will follow which will make no good to you. You must first adapt your body by doing slowly and in small quantity and then keep on increasing the intensity and frequency. Without this you will only harm yourself and will be the victim of dilemma that running will not help you in losing weight.

You can also consider warm up exercises before going for the running directly. Like the stretching, walking a brisk pace, etc. Warm up exercise are important because if you directly put your body under the great pressure of exercise then your body will react adversely and you my land up in hospital. Another important thing is the running company. If you have someone who can company you in this it will be of great help because you tend to do more exercise without knowing it.  So do make running part of your daily schedule slowly but steadily.

By Sajna