Easy Techniques to Get Rid Of Blackheads

There are so many solutions available for your blackhead problems but still you remain worried regarding how to get rid of blackheads. Here are easy eight ways for blackhead removal:

1. Use of exfoliating products and treatments exfoliating products like benzoyl peroxide can help opening the pores by removing your dead skin. Correct usage of these products can reduce blackhead formation gently, but it can even work well on the most difficult skin blackheads.

2. Retinoid lotions These lotions such as Retin-A clears your skin by cleansing the pores and remove blackheads. The activated skin cells producing large amount of sebum are normalized with this product. The only problem with this treatment is that it is a lengthy process taking a lot of time for the results to be visible.

3. Getting a chemical peel Dead skin can be easily removed by using chemical peels containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid. They remove dirt and sebum accumulating in the pores. This treatment is usually not advised when you are using retinoid lotions.

4. Gentle pushing Gently pushing the dirt off the skin can help in reducing blackhead count by clearing the skin. Pushing can exacerbate the skin so it is preferred to use some other removal method on difficult blackheads.

5. Eating healthy food Out of all the remedies blackheads can have, the best and the most important is to eat healthy food. A good diet reduces the rate of production of sebum in the skin follicles and provides the requisite amount of hydration. Avoid consuming hydrogenated and saturated fats and multiply intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. For natural blackhead treatment any heated carbohydrate or oil should be avoided while cold- pressed natural oils can be taken.

6. Pore strips If your blackheads are near the surface, pore strips can be used to get rid of them. Place them over the affected region for 10 minutes and then, pull off immediately. It is quick and simple method but do not provide a long term solution, thus, have to be done time and again.

7. Make-up We often hear that too much make-up damages our skin. This, though true, needs to be manipulated. Make-up will not cause any harm, if adequate care is taken. Use of products which keep your pores open and clear like non- comedogenic cosmetics can help in preventing development of blackheads. Before going to bed, remove your make-up with a good cleanser.

8. Metallic extractor It is a device commonly used these days to plug out blackheads by placing it over them. This should be done carefully so as to avoid scarring.

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By Sajna