A Beautiful Skin Awaits You on the Other Side of Smoking

A Beautiful Skin Awaits You on the Other Side of Smoking

Agreed! Smoking is a rigid habit to quit. However, it is a necessary one to quit too. Several studies and researches have already shown how harmful smoking can be for your body and health in multiple ways. The severity of the consequences of smoking can be as worse as cancer.

These effects of smoking also show on your skin over time. Smoking causes dullness and unhealthiness in your skin. Hence, when you quit smoking you are not only doing your whole body a favor but you are also doing your skin a very big favor.

The following are the skin benefits you will cherish after you quit smoking

Better Sleep for a better skin

The nicotine in cigarettes acts as a simulant to your body which keeps you awake. Hence, more often regular smokers have a trouble in sleeping. When you quit smoking, you will notice that your sleep cycle will eventually get better.

It is also a known fact that a proper sleep helps keep your skin healthy. Hence, when you quit smoking and start getting ample sleep, you will also see a positive change your skin’s health.

Get rid of Chemicals

Chemicals used in the cigarettes and produced by the smoke in cigarettes are not good for your health and skin. Cigarettes generally contain nicotine, carbon monoxide, mercury, lead tar, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and cadmium. These chemicals destroy skin cells and dehydrate your skin. This can result in premature aging and rough skin. Thus, by quitting smoking, you will get rid of the huge list of harmful chemicals from your body.

Good Health for a Good skin

We all have heard and known that our health reflects on our skin. Smoking tampers the body functions and is very harmful for especially the lungs. When your body is not healthy it will automatically reflect on your skin. Quit smoking to regain the glow and sheen on your skin.

Quitting is detoxing

Our skin cells need oxygen to stay healthy. However, while you smoke your oxygen flow to the bloodstream is replaced with carbon monoxide which is dangerous. This also cause drop in energy levels in your body which makes you look dull overall. By quitting smoking you will bring back oxygen to your body cell and revive your skin your energy and ultimately revitalize you skin with oxygen.

Happy soul, happy skin

While you are smoking, you are constantly worried about your health and wellness. This psychological tension can be seen your skin. You can be relieved and happier after you quit cigarettes which will obviously show in your skin. Hence, you happy soul will lead to a happy and healthier looking skin.

The benefits of quitting cigarettes are many. It is up to you to take care of your skin, your body, yourself and people around you. Take a first step and see your body and skin transform into something better.

By Sajna