Swimming – A Good Option for Baby Boomers

This is the era when more and more people want to be healthy again. You may call it as an outcome of unhealthy which we are living for a quite some time now, due to our busy lifestyle. Due to this our health has suffered. And now we are focusing back to our health. So the baby boomers who are also thinking this way to get healthy and fit again are not any surprise. The form of exercise that is most popular among them is swimming. This is because this is the least strenuous form of exercise and also the one which gives you the full workout of whole body.

Most of the people doesn’t realize the importance of swimming as exercise. Swimming or you can say water exercises has lowest rate of injuries to the muscles only next to walking (which is still the leader). There are many doctors who will advise you to go with the option of swimming. This is because you can strength your muscles tone them up, without harming your recovery process from any injury or disease. Swimming is the only form of exercise that is favorites of all ages irrespective of their physical condition. This is a fun for everyone to do.

Baby boomers like swimming because it helps to do total workout for them without giving stress to muscles. The water provides support to body as well as resistance which is used to strength and tone the muscle. It also helps to build up endurance and makes muscles flexible at the same time.

Many people are unaware that the physical benefits of swimming are almost same as that of running. The difference is simple and beneficiary. You don’t put any strain on your tissues and muscles when you do swimming because the water supports your body. Baby boomers fid swimming easy to follow up as the injury rate is low. In water your body weight seems too reduced because of the up thrust force of water, and your movements are more as compared to air, hence you do more exercise.

If you are from baby boomer era then you should take up swimming as a recreational activity. It will help you to maintain a fitness regime and will fill your need of exercise. As a starting precaution do consult your doctor to know that you are doing right or not.

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By Sajna