Simple steps to feel Energetic in the morning

Feeling Energetic In The Morning

Getting up early and feeling fresh, enjoying the sunrise and the cold air. Of course every one loves to do this but it does not happen even though we try a lot. It doesn’t matter how much early we get to sleep, if you’re not an early riser then having energy in the morning can seem like a myth. As soon as the alarm strikes, it’s all too tempting to pull the covers over your head, and once you eventually make it up to face the day, you are walking around in a zombie-like phase at least until lunch.

But, mornings don’t have to be something that you dread.It’s important to have an energetic start to the day, but sometimes it’s hard to get up and go. It’s not all about going to bed early and drinking cold water – sometimes the coolest health trends can actually help you get that boost of energy.

Honestly, streamlining my morning routine was tough.

I revamped my entire routine and managed to work early with a spring in my step every single day, with these simple steps which finally made me the energetic early riser and if I can do it, so can you.

Start with shifting your attitude:

“The best way to make your dreams to come true is to wake up” 

The first step towards becoming a morning person must necessarily be an attempt to change the way you ordinarily think about waking up early. One of the biggest problems is the way we approach to sleep and waking up. It is the thoughts that bombard us before we go to bed and the moment we open our eyes.

Before going to bed always meditate, pray and calm down yourself. Don’t eat dinner right before bed. Avoid coffee, red wine, chocolate during bed time.

After waking up tell yourself that the amount of sleep you got last night was the perfect amount you need to have an amazing day.

Over time, this practice will undoubtedly have a good impact on the way you approach your day, and you may even realize you can make use of it to alter your attitude towards everything else you do.

First things remove the snooze Does anyone honestly wake up feeling more refreshed after that 7-minute snooze? not at all, taking you back to that magical sleep. Turning off the snooze and allowing yourself to wake up straight away not only gives you more time in the morning but will also stop taunting you with the sleep you are no longer allowed to be in.

Gratitude, visualization, and self-love Close your eyes for a few minutes and think of all the things you are grateful for. This could be your family, your assets, or your achievements at work. Doing this will relieve your stress and clear your mind. Then visualize for another two minutes. Picture yourself being exactly where you want to be to reinforce motivation. Finally, for the final minute, think about yourself in the most positive way. You will feel instantly more energized and ready to face the day.

When you wake up, get out of bed immediately when we wake up, spend at least ten minutes under the covers checking up on all the social media we have missed over night, but the longer you lounge in bed the more you want to stay there. Getting out of bed will stop you from so desperately wanting to stay there, so get up and browse your phone from the kitchen table.

After getting up, Drink a glass of water  A  glass of water on an empty stomach actually has a lot of health benefits as well as serving to wake you up. The water will kick start your metabolism and as such you will wake up faster and feel more alert.

Exercise When you are groggy in the morning and nice run in the fresh air can wake you up fast. However, the interesting thing is that when you exercise in the morning you will actually have more energy the next day. It makes you feel more energetic the whole day, enjoying morning sun rise and hearing the birds chirping make you fall love with nature.It brings more positive energy in your life, making you feel happier.

Taking bath early morning After exercise, head towards to bathroom. Taking a bath make you feel more refreshing and make you feel hungry, which is actually a good thing.

Love for the tea or coffee Energy does come naturally, but I prefer tea to boost my energy. Having some shortly after awakening can help to eliminate that morning grogginess, setting you up to face the day.

Don’t skip breakfast  Are you one of those who claims to not be hungry in the morning? Well, you are. While you were sleeping your body entered into starvation mode, and while this can lead to you not having much of an appetite for food, your body needs it. Food is energy, and your mornings are more likely to be energetic if you have some fuel in you.

Always have a good breakfast. Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast! Without breakfast, you are effectively running empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol!

By Sajna