Gym at Home- Latest Trend in Society

Now a days when people have enough money to spend and fitness equipment is also readily available at affordable price the idea of private gym is gaining popularity. It helps you to exercise daily as you know you don’t have to run or ride a bike in excessive hot or cold climate outside when you have treadmill at home.

This doesn’t mean that you always workout inside. It’s good to workout outside in fresh air whenever possible. But there are certain periods of the year when there will be odd climate conditions outside and it will be difficult for you to continue on your fitness plans. So setting up a 24 hour fitness gym at home is not a bad idea.

Setting up a gym at home helps in many ways. It helps you to mix things up. If you have a resistance training machine and a treadmill for instance, you can exercise on them alternately, doing the resistance training on one day and cardio workout on the other.

If you are living with your wife, then this gym will help you a further. Make your wife your gym buddy and start enjoying workout with her. This will blend a different type of emotions in your relationship.

You can even try naughty things with her and this will spice up your life also. You and your wife will be the new identities among yourself, which both of you haven’t observed earlier. Of  course it is not possible to do the same cardio or resistance exercises daily because it get dull after sometime. This will make you to lose your motivation towards your fitness regime. For this just involve your gym buddy with you, throw a fitness videos and start enjoying the new things to regain your motivation.

In addition to all these factors to motivate you there is one inherited factor as well with the exercise. This factor is endorphins which you experience after a vigorous workout. This is a motivation in itself. Endorphins (feel good hormones) which get released after a good workout in your body make you feel fresh and lively the whole day. You feel on cloud nine and perform your daily routine work with enthusiasm and fervor. This state of body will motivate you to workout daily in order to maintain the same tempo of your body. So have a good workout.

By Sajna