Stata missing icons on Linux [Solved]


Hello all, with an assumption that you have successfully installed Stata on your Linux system. I further proceed on steps involved to get icons after installation. In case if you had any problem in installation follow the steps mentioned here.

Before moving on I recommend you to install Stata in the default directory that is suggested by Stata (/usr/local/stata or /usr/local/stata/stata$version)


Step:1 Download the script from and extract its contents (you can use either zip or tar).

Step 2: Change the directory to the newly extracted folder in terminal using cd command. Make sure that you have sudo privileges. Once you have admin privileges run the following code from within the folder where you extracted the larsvilhuber’s solution:


During the installation process, you will have to press ENTER twice. You will have to enter your password too (in order to get the libraries we are trying to install).

Step 4: The script finalises with four suggestions for four new symlinks. You really need only one, though (assuming that you only use one version of Stata). For example, if you use Stata-mp you could do:


sudo ln -sf /usr/local/stata-png-fix/ /usr/local/bin/xstata-se

Step 5: Now, provided that /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH, you should be able to just type xstata-se to get Stata with icons.

(If you installed Stata in /usr/local/stata then you should not need to change anything. However, if you installed Stata in a different location you will have to change the directory to which the symlink points at (simply by replacing /usr/local/stata with whatever you need, like /opt/stata)).

Finally, Now if you run in a terminal xstata-se (the name of the symlink in /usr/local/bin) you should get Stata with icons. Hope this helps.

Source: (Stata14 Icons)

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